Streemit.Online is a non-profit hobby project I took on building to aid with erecting services for the STEEM network but also to help expand a knowledgebase already started within myself long ago on Streemit’s sister site (an 18+ adult cam site dubbed KLYEMAX). The STEEM community has been very welcoming and accepting with amazing shows of support from our users.

This site is my way of giving back to a community that has catapulted me into wanting to achieve more with the short time I’ve been given on this planet. Where conventional cam streaming sites embezzle upwards of 50% of their users tips and line their pockets with it the business plan on this streaming service is much different.  A meager 5% of tips are taken to throw towards server costs in an attempt to offset them and the only other source of revenue planned for the site is VIP packages that give users far more control and power on the site in regards to their experience.